Best snack?

söndag 12 juni 2011

As i lay dying

So today's topic, Aild one of my favorite band's mostly becouse of  Tim lambesis and hes voice, there is something real special with it that i cant explain but it fills me with hes passion for the music.
But i also love the rest of the band Nick, Jordan, Josh and Phil just makes and awesome combo, but this band has really evolved from good to awesome since i dont really think the first 2 albums were so much to come with but when i started to listen to Shadows are Security i was just amazed and it even got better and better with the rest of the albums i think they did evolve, since i think the first 2 albums just sounds like gosh for me:(!

fredag 10 juni 2011


So ive been spamming metallica in my ears for a coupple of weeks now, and still it gets better and better ive always been a big fan of them but now i cant seem to stop lisening to this awesomeness, really everyone song is best, i feel my mind really changes thrue the music and my body just gain strength i dont really know what it is just pure awesome. My favorite stuff from metallica is ofc the live shit binge show from them were they are really hardcore and really speed up things, just makes the songs even more epic. I cant say that i have a favourite song its almost impossible for me.
Also today i got my shoes that iv'e been waiting a while for, was not the esiest to get but totally worth the fight becouse they'r just awesome!

torsdag 9 juni 2011

Looong sleep

So after a wild night i really feel exhausted and i feel like i could sleep for 200 years, i woke up at 18:00 and just went straight for dinner, i really felt messed up after all the pary's, now y'all wonder why party a thouseday yea i know wierd but its my last week at school so we all just party and have a good time. Anyhow so after ive been sleeping for like 12 hours i feel like my muscles are really really weak and my brain feels like a goo, its so hard to get up so frustrating i really need tips of how to shootyourself up out of bed thoose days becouse it really destroy's ur day rytm,


onsdag 8 juni 2011

Hot in sweden!

So this day is now over and i couldnt be happier, the weather makes it so hot outside and inside, i drank so much water and cola, and for me its really hard to eat when its so hot i really lose the appetite so lame :/.
So also i got this nasty sunburn becouse i didnt use any antisun gel and i didnt wear any shirt so now when i try to go to sleep it just hurts all over so i cant sleep (great).
 So anyone got any tips of how to reduce the pain?

My guitar

Today i was playing my guitar its not the best guitar but i love it anyway. So when i play i dont really tend to learn anything new just getting better at jamming stuff and i have fun doing it,The one favorite guitar that i would love to have is the signature guitar from Kirk hammet, not just cuz it looks cool but ive seen it on reviews and its sounds awesome to.

So ive devided to upload a clip of me just jamming random stuff its not really the best but nejoy :)!
Here is a link to me jamming

And yesterday i had the time of my life with my friends celebrating the last days of school! thoose are the hats we use in sweden i dont really know if they use it in other countries.